Mountain biking in Cappadocia

In the profoundness of Turkey, in the heart of the immense steppe of Anatolia, we mixed harmoniously the pleasures of the physical effort to those of the discovery in a different world…

Created by the simultaneous action of the wind and rain during millennia, on a tuff rejected by two facing volcanoes, Cappadocia presents a geological features only one of its kind. This vast plateau is one of those rare regions in the world where you will find spectacular surrealistic landscapes of rock cones, capped pinnacles and fretted ravines painted in variable colours.

If the great reputation of Cappadocia is due to the fairy chimneys, no one can deny the particular historical interest conferred by the hand of man: attracted by this unique aspect of the landscape, amongst powders rocks, centuries ago man chose to settle adding his personal touch by digging rock-cut dwellings, rock-cut churches, troglodyte monasteries and underground cities. 

Mountain biking is an original way to discover the secrets of the valleys of Cappadocia in a wider space. Captivated by the natural splendor of the landscapes that changes at every corner, the enthusiastic cyclist, is free of the uniquely sports context. All becomes new at each moment. A truly enriching cultural exchange with the hospitable and gracious people of the villages we cross, testimony of the legendary hospitality of our country, is one of the highlights of this tour.

Day 1: Ankara

Mette at the airport with our Anatolia Cultura Travel team. Drive to hotel for the night.

Day 2: Stage Celtek to the Rupestral churches of Guzelyurt

Distance 35km – Cumulation of height 480m
In the morning, transfer not far from the foothills of the Volcano Hasan, Departure with MB after the village of Celtek.
Our course in BT begins with the crossing of the plateau of Uzunkaya to join the canyon of Selime which we follow until Belisirma 18km.  From Belisirma, we join the plateau, leading us to the village of Ihlara.
Some kilometres farther we cross an ancient monastery, set on a rock, abandoned in the middle of nowhere. 
Hotel/pension in Güzelyurt

Day 3: Stage From Guyelyurt to Ozluca

Distance 55km – Cumulation of height 950m.
Our course joins the road in the village to communicate at its exit with a lane which we follow up to the pass of Sivrihisar, in 1814m. We shall pass a second pass to descend to the village of Narkoy. Farther, by another lane we attain the edges of a huge crater 1143m.
Then, we go on in an arid area until Kuyuletla. In these regions, our circuit is punctuated of fields of lava and of ancient craters, witnesses of a in the past sulphurous volcanic activity!

Day 4: Stage From Ozluce to Mustafapasa

Distance 75km – Cumulation of height 850m.
Departure towards Derinkuyu at 1376m high, We cross the main highway;  our circuit stands out against a big lane, searching a passage in slopes. Ascension of the high plateau of Tumbasi at 1600m. We cross  the plateau to join the village of Orhani and we descend onto Soganli (30km) where a good traditional meal is waitin for us. In the village, we follow a small  tarmacked road in the bottom of a canyon until Güzelöz (11km) . From the village, we go on on a road to the left which ends in lane, to go out of the canyon. We shall cross another canyon to join the village of Kavak. Nice descent on Yesiloz where we shall find a tarmacked road which will drive us first  until the small city of Ürgüp (17km) and then to the ancient village of Mustafapasa (5km).

Day 5: Stage Mustafapasa to Golgoli ( an old rupestral city)

Distance 52 km – Cumulation of height 800m.
We depart from the hotel in Mustafapasa (1160 m); we join a new trats to arrive to  a crest (1613m), then to a collar at 1581m. During 17km we shall cross the high plateau to join a road on the edges of which we find magnificent Obsidian , volcanic origin stones.  We follow a piece of asphalted road during 1,6km and catch on the left, a lane which rushes into gorges. At the bottom, we shall join the village of Sehinefendi at 1419m. Having crossed it we come out in a huge valley.
In the middle of this lowland, we follow a way to the right which will drive us to Roman thermal baths, dressed with magnificent mosaics.
After midday, we follow a small road until Taskinpasa (1336m).  Afterwards we cross again the high plateau (1606m), to join the village of Cemil (1330m). Following a short tarmacked road, we bifurcate on a lane which will lead us to Galgoli, ancient city of fairies.

Day 6: Stage From Golgoli to Goreme

Distance 32km – Cumulation of height 450m. 
Our circuit follow a way which drives us in the troglodyte valley of  Zengir in a stream bed, to drive us ito the Castle of Orthaisar (9km). Visit of the cave-houses  of the castle and meal of midday on place. After midday, we pass to Ibrahimpasa and we join the Love valley before joining our Hotel/pension in Goreme.

Day 7: Goreme - Ankara

The morning is free for your personal discovery of the area. For exemple this could be a great opportunity to experiment a hot air ballonin abow Cappadocia; you have also time to visit the Open air museum with good conserved frescoed cave churches and monasteries. In the afternoon we drive to Ankara for the night.

J8 – Return 

Drive to the airport for the return flight.

Groupe size: Possibility to organize according to your needs. Anyway, the most enjoyable groupe size for a such trekking tour is 4-12 persons.

Please note that this is a sample Mountain biking tour. Possibility to modify the itinerary add/remove days and/or combine with cultural visits.

Inclusions of our services:
English / French / Spanish / German speaking licensed tour guide.
All transfer and transportations necessary for the respect of the itinerary.
All accommodations in pension or hotel according to your needs.
All breakfast are included in the accommodations.Lunches / picnics as per your needs.
Dinners as per your needs.

All entrances fees as per your needs.
Mountain bikes if needed.

Exclusions of our services:
Flights (please note that our agency is able to provide domestic and international flights. If needed please request)
Tips and personal expenses.

Drinks during meals.
Travel insurances.